It is possible to have a flat ride in the Bay Area

After yesterday’s brutal, vicious day of climbing in the heat, I needed a recovery ride today.  Timing didn’t work out to hook up, so I decided to look for a flat route on my fixie.


I can now say, it is possible to do a flat ride in the Bay Area.  Here’s a hint … don’t look for hills.  Wow, what a revelation … not looking for hills?  Wow.

Well, I actually do live in a boring, flat section of Santa Clara.  I went out to San Tomas Aquino bike trail, which starts out about 2 miles from my place.  It’s pretty convenient.


This is a bike trail that runs parallel to Great America Pkwy and Bowers, and is a nice alternative to the heavily traffic’d Great America/Bowers, San Tomas Expressway, and Lawrence Expressway.  Look ma … no cars!  There were quite a few riders, rollerbladers, joggers, and walkers out there, but not enough to cause hazards riding out there.  It’s good to see people getting out and enjoying the sunshine while we have it.  It was hot, but the sun wasn’t really intense.  I think the marine layer has thinned out, so you can still feel as if some of the rays were being filtered out somehow.  This made the ride not as hot as I thought it would be.

I made my way out to the bike trail that leads into Shoreline, and the golf course area.  I decided this was a good time to have lunch at Michael’s, which is a great hang out for golfers and bicyclists.




This is “Rengstorff House” … it’s supposed to be a landmark building, but me being so bad at history, I don’t know the significance.  I guess I can always look it up in wikipedia, but I’m too lazy.  I figured while I was here, I might as well take a picture of something of historical significance.

At this point, I had gone 15.8 miles, and 165 feet climbing.  Wow, that is pretty flat, for a ride in the bay area.


At Shoreline, they also have some small sailboats, and there were lots of people taking advantage of that offering.  Wow, this is almost like a postcard shot.  Very cool … Great day to spend time at Shoreline.

I continued on the bike path as far as it can go north.  However, it only goes as far as East Palo Alto, and then you have to get off the bike trail, and go on surface streets … um, that’s not a good idea.  East Palo Alto is a rough neighborhood, and at one time had the large per capita crime rate in the nation.  Nah, I think I will turn back, and go on the Stevens Creek Bike Trail back home, thank you very much.

I ended up with 31 miles, and 487 feet climbing.  I think that’s sufficient for a recovery ride.

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