Another New Radio Station Hits the Airwaves

Radio stations these days come and go often.  Usually, it’s when a genre that has established itself in the area for a while, suddenly loses its luster, and loses some audience, and the radio station changes management, and in turn changes to a completely different genre.  Case in point, the old KKSF, 103.7 FM, which used to be advertised as “Smooth Jazz”.  Now, it is known as “the band”.

Normally, I would be saddened to see the old format to go away, but I am pleasantly surprised this time with the new format they have.  Sure, you have KFOG, which has some modern artists, mixed with older classics … and there’s KFOX, with the old classic rock format.  But sometimes, you get into a rut between these two.  Alice is just too 20’s-like, and too much teeny-pop type music.  With “the band”, it gets back to old fashioned music, where you have songwriting, and actual musical skills that are featured.  One problem I do see with this station is finding a good audience.  I think KFOG and KFOX has established itself with a set audience.  Only time will tell if “the band” will survive.

We saw a similar attempt by another radio station called Max-FM.  This was run by the same people that created the radio station, Jack-FM, in Southern Cal.  The difference is, Jack-FM is still in existence, and Max-FM is history.

I remember in my LA days, my all time favorite radio station was KSCA (Southern California Alternative), which featured bands, and musicians, who would come in to the studio, and just have a few guitars, singing a song, unplugged.  I don’t think “the band” will have that, but at least it may resemble the same type of “music” and “skill” that many of us really do appreciate.  I hope “the band” will last a while, but I am not getting my hopes up too high.  Oh, BTW, KSCA is no longer in existence.  The radio station was owned by Golden West, and they decided to go Spanish.  That was really heartbreaking.

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