What a Broiling Weekend That Was

This past weekend, I drove down to LA for my monthly visit to see dad.  It’s always great to see dad, and for those wondering, he is doing great.  As with most of us who are getting up in age, warmer weather seems to help our joints quite a bit.  After experiencing all the joint pains he has been feeling, he is giving me warning to make sure I take care of my joints too.  That’s good advise, so I’ve decided to start taking Glucosamine as regularly as I do my normal vitamins.  It’s a good practice, especially with all the cycling I do.

Then, on Saturday, I did a ride with my friends in Marina del Rey, down to Palos Verdes.  While at the top of PV East, temp registered in the mid-80’s.  All I could think about is how hot it is back in the valley, and also how hot it would be in the San Joaquin Valley, where my good friend is visiting her folks.  When I left Marina del Rey at 3 pm, it was 75.  By the time I go back to the valley, it was a whopping 95 F.

Since I couldn’t get approval to work from LA on Monday, I had to head back on Sunday.  I left the valley at 2 pm, only to get into a massive traffic jam, heading up I-5.  There was a car fire near Templeton Highway, just north of Castaic Lake.  The fire also torched about 20 acres of hillside.  Luckily, they put it out pretty quickly, but it still put in at least a 1 hour delay going through that area.

By the time I got through the Grapevine, then passing Bakersfield, my car thermometer was reading in the 100’s.  On my way to Kettleman City, it go to 110 F … dang, that’s hot!  The highest I saw it register was 113 F.  It didn’t look that hot, looking outside, as the sun wasn’t beating down too hard … but as soon as I rolled down the window, I could just feel the heat …

Then, when I got on Pacheco (Hwy 152), and going up into the hills, the temp started dropping to about 85 F.  Wow, what’s with this sub-100 degree heat?

I am impressed with all those farmers, who have to endure heat like this …. also, think about all those service workers, who have to work those telephone poles, caltrans working those road conditions … it must have been brutal.  And I’m only experiencing this from an air conditioned Prius!

1 thought on “What a Broiling Weekend That Was

  1. Ben

    Susanne’s car also registered 113 degrees somewhere between Fresno and the Bay! That was on Saturday though.


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