Beating the Heat – PV

Went down for my monthly visit to LA, and a nice ride with my pals, goofy friends, from SoCal.  It has been hot, really hot the past week, and from the weather reports, it will simply continue through the weekend.  The forecast was for 80 on the beach, and in the 90’s in the valley (where I normally ride when I visit LA).  For that reason, we decided to do a beach ride, from Marina Del Rey to Palos Verdes.

Marina Del Rey Bike Path

We left at 8:30 am, early enough for the temps to be fairly comfortable, yet late enough for everyone to get there.  It was also early enough that there weren’t too many riders on the bike path.  This just meant that by the time we would get back, it would be very crowded, especially being such a hot day.



After having weekends of hardcore climbing, tough training rides, my body needed a nice social ride.  This one was just what the doctor ordered.  It was refreshing to go 20 miles, and not go 2000 feet climbing yet.


There was a little bit of confusion on our route … some missed the turn on Paseo del Mar, before the coffee shop stop.  In fact, they went on ahead, and climbed PV East.  Oh well … it turned out we would catch up with them later on, after regrouping at the top of the climb at the school.



After some smoothies, latte’s, and variety of other pastries and muffins … mmm is that making you hungry?  Anyways, it was onto the climb of the day, Palos Verdes East.  The climb itself is not long … it is about 1.5 miles, and about 500 feet climbing, with elevation grades averaging aroudn 5-6% … not too bad.  Knowing it is not a long climb, I decided to pushing my heart rate going up this climb.  From what I can see, I got up to 177 bpm … that’s about the same time I was panting, houghing and puffing, breathing as hard as I could.

We re-grouped at the college at the top of the hill.  After letting our heartbeats reduce down to a sane level, we went on ahead, down the hill, and continued onto PV North.  We were actually a bit lucky here … normally PV North is pretty busy in this area, but they closed a section of the road (for reasons that I did not know).  Anyhow, they did allow cyclists to go through, which meant not having to worry about car traffic … woohoo.  It was only for about a 1 mile section, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

The return trip was basically as straight a shot back to the start.  However, the main road was a narrow two lane road, with heavy traffic, as this was one main road for the locals to get from point A to point B.  I was tempted in suggested to go along the strand, which would mean encountering beach traffic, as opposed to main street traffic.  Well, since it wasn’t my ride, I decided just to continue on status quo.

I followed the route slip, and was looking for a left turn on Pacific.  So instead of making a left at a particular intersection, I ended up going right, and before we knew it, we passed where the start normally should be.  So I ended up with an extra loop, but I didn’t end up with any more mileage than the original route had anticipated.

Final stats were 54.77 miles, 3020 feet climbing.

For the rest of the pics (and I didn’t take very many), click here

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