Blogging Experiment

In case you are wondering where all my blogging updates have been, I’ve been trying out wordpress for a little while ( I would have used spingineer, but someone had taken that id already. It turns out the other spingineer used that id as a nickname for being a DJ. Interesting how a single name can lead to a couple very different areas of interest.

Anyhow, which do I prefer? At this point, I think wordpress, but here’s a list of pluses for each:


  • Powerful, with great tools for looking at metrics of who is viewing your page
  • Nice trends analysis on hit count. Sorry, but blogger’s site hit metrics just suck!
  • When you place an image anywhere on the page, the image gets placed exactly where you want it. In other words, true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). With blogger, it only puts the image at the top, and moving the image further down on the page can be a challenge.
  • Re-sizing of an image is fairly intuitive
  • More powerful embedded video tools


  • Great tool for someone just starting out a blog
  • Lot more widgets available (like playlist,, etc … )
  • More flexibility in adding custom widgets
  • For images, single click will give you full size image by default
  • Larger community, based on having the google user id community

I may be switching at some point to wordpress, but not yet at this point. Since I have so many people that know my blogs at this blogger address, I may hang on to it a little longer. However, I do like wordpress, because I can see who is accessing my site, from where, how often, and it has a much cleaner user interface.

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