Michael Jackson Rules the Media

This is just an upside down world.  With the socio-economic problems we are dealing with, N. Korea being the nuclear threat that they are, Obama and his visit through Russia then Italy, state of California without a budget … and what is the breaking news that CNN devotes so much of its time for???  Michael Jackson.  Sheesh!

This actually reminds me of the circus in the media with the OJ Simpson trial back in the early 90’s.  Back then, I was working at E! Entertainment Television, and it was just a circus.  The entire station was devoted to this entire trial, and what does that have to do with television or entertainment?  Well, as ridiculous as that is, I can’t fathom how CNN is devoting more time to Michael Jackson than to N. Korea, Obama’s visit, and California’s budget problems, combined.  I assume that if California had a 8.0 earthquake, with $50 billion dollars of damages, that CNN would still devote more time to Michael Jackson?

Now I admit, he is the king of pop, and his popularity is tremendous … but I don’t see how this is that important to be the big headline, breaking news.  In terms of impact on others in the music business, the only one I can relate to is the death of John Lennon.  John had a far reaching impact on so many other rock artists, and his legacy has a far greater impact that Michael Jackson would ever have.  At least that’s my opinion.

So for this reason, I have boycotted television.  I can’t stand it.  I fear that if I turn on the TV, I will see MJ’s face, and it will just churn my stomach.  The other thing that churns my stomach is how CNN is devoting so much time on this.  CNN is making me look at Fox News with more credibility.  Now that’s going a little far, but that’s how bad it’s gotten … IMHO.

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