WordPress First Impressions

I haven’t really done very much since blogging on WordPress, but I would like to give some first impressions about this site.  Compared to blogger, some of the reporting is amazing … unless I have not found the reporting features of blogger, and that may actually be true.

The reporting is terrific, for a free service.  It gives me stats of how many readers hit my site, how many are referred to from other sites (like from Facebook or Twitter).  I just think overall, the technical details are very impressive.  Now, I haven’t actually done anything graphical yet (let add images), but I’ll get to that in time.

WordPress also has very nice podcast style videos, that give you a nice introduction.  The reviews I hear is that WordPress is not as intuitive for bloggers who are just starting out, but I do like the templates they provide.  It is very clean, and very slick.

The import feature is really nice … it even imported original images over, and gives you a nice graphical preview of web sites you may be referencing in your blog.  I can’t wait until Cali Lewis posts the Wordcamp recordings, which was a bootcamp on utilizing WordPress effectively.

Now that I have played around with wordpress a little more, one more thing I like about this.  When you insert an image, it puts the image actually where you want it, and not placing the image at the top of the file.  That’s very annoying on blogger.  Big kudos to wordpress for this … it really is WYSIWYG!

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