One Strange Week

This week has been out of the ordinary. Of course, the beginning of the week is always rough, because you are trying to deflate back to earth, after going through the adventures from the past weekend. This past weekend was a little different … two of my best friends, Marco and Ruth, got married. So there was the high from that. Got to meet a bunch of their friends, and hooked up with a few of them on Facebook. Interesting how some friendships begin … hmmm maybe I should try to latch onto more weddings????

This week is a shorter week, because of 4th of July landing on a Saturday, we get an extra day off, on Friday. Actually, it gets more interesting, as my company has another of its forced PTO days, where the company shuts down beginning Wednesday through the end of the week. However, being in Customer Support, that means we don’t get to take the time off … we still have to work! Coming into the office, it’s much quieter, not as many cars. It’s not like coming in on the weekend, but there is the lack of other services, like no cafe, and the feeling that you’ve been deserted. However, one positive … you can use the bathroom without having to risk it being closed for cleaning. I know it sounds odd, but I don’t know how many times I needed to use the bathroom in the morning, and it’s closed for cleaning, because this is the time they allot to cleaning the bathroom.

The biggest hurdle, in working, while the company is shut down, is to try to explain to customers that the company is shut down, without telling them the company is shut down. For example, this morning, a customer needed to contact his sales rep, to escalate a product enhancement, to fasttrack the development cycle. However, when calling the sales rep, they get a voicemail stating they will be out of the office till Monday. Well, the company is shut down, so that is expected … no how do I explain this to the customer? Well, just tell him to escalate to the territory manager … and if they’re lucky, he will be carrying his cell phone with them. Now, will they answer or not? That’s the big question.

And to end this odd week, today, I am still working … but working from home. Why is that? Well, they need to do some power maintenance on the building, which means we cannot come into the building, no lab availability … usually when I work from home, it’s in LA … but this is strange to be working from home, and being local. Luckily, there weren’t many calls that required any lab intervention.

I would expect no calls for tomorrow, since it seems the rest of the country has that day off, but I don’t think many people have today off (unless you are one of those non-customer service folks, who actually get the day off because the company has a shut down). Oh well, I guess I should get back to work.

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