Tioga Pass is open … really it is open

Now why would I have to re-iterate this? Well, you’ll have to go back to our Eastern Sierra road trip. There was an odd late-spring storm, that did a bit of white dusting on the mountains. We checked the Caltrans Road Conditions site, and it mentioned Tioga Pass being closed near Strawberry. We were going to use Sonora Pass (Hwy 108) as an alternative, and before we left Mountain View, we checked the road conditions site, and it didn’t mention Sonora Pass being closed. Well, by the time we got passed Oakdale, the sign says Sonora Pass is closed. What???? Oh, now we’re screwed. Well, we ended up taking a 2 hour detour, only to find out Tioga Pass opened up. I talked to the hotel clerk when we got to Bishop, and she said they opened Tioga Pass around 1:30 PM. That’s about the time we chose our detour!

So on our way home from Eastern Sierra, and after taking a detour through June Lake, we took Tioga Pass back home. This had to be one of the most scenic ways back home.

We drove through Yosemite just at the right time. Just enough to drop some snow, but not heavy enough to prevent driving through this gorgeous part of the country, and of California.

And we haven’t even gotten to the actual entrance to the park. The entrance of Tioga Pass is way up at 9900 foot elevation. I thought the picture of the cabin, with a big snow patch on one side of the building is cool.

… and of course, a shot of one of many meadows …

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