Eastern Sierra Preparations

It’s 2 days before the big double century and I’m nervous, as usual. At least this time I’m not doing the driving. I arranged to hitch a ride with Chris (ygduf), who lives about 10 minutes from me, so it’s perfect.

I’m going to start at 4 am, while most everyone else will start at 5 am. Chris is a really strong rider, and he is going to start with me at 4 am. I really do appreciate that, but I think I may be holding him back. I’m only starting at 4 am, because if you don’t get to the 2nd and 3rd checkpoint stop by a certain time, you will be forced to backtrack your way all the way back to Bishop, and suffer the humiliation of a DNF.

This ride is different, as this is up in the Sierras, and the weather can be unpredictable. I just got an update from Dante, who is already in Bishop, who tells me the sun is in and out, and it was 74 F at 6 pm. That’s good news, but not sure if that will hold up. We’ve been hearing reports that there are highs in the 40’s, which means the low can get pretty low.

I’m not taking any chances … taking my big camelback, and stuffing everything possible in it. I’m going to bring my rainjacket, rain pants, multiple clif bars, pills, extra drink mixes, and just about anything else needed for cycling survival. I almost feel like the guy on Discovery channel in the show “Man vs. Wild”. Instead, this will be “Man vs. Sierra”. Plus, I don’t know how to speak in that Aussie accent.

I really should be sleeping, but as usual, the last day before travel day, I’m doing last minute work things, and last minute packing. No matter how many times I do this, I always end up in a mad frenzy. I also had a last minute Sports Basement run a few hours ago. Things will just never change.

Since the Garmin doesn’t really have a long battery life, and I want to be able to record a full double, I decided to buy another cyclometer … this time it’s the Trek Alpine which includes altimeter, heart rate monitor, cadence. So I now have two bike computers on my bike. Why??? Everyone else seems to … it seems to be the latest must have for those kids.

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