Recovering from Davis

Took a few days off the bike, and feeling much better now. I drove back the same night that we finished the ride. I was feeling a little down after the finish, as everyone in the cafeteria finished a full 200, and I was one of the few that didn’t. I reluctantly went up to line up for food, but figured that since I paid for it, I should chow down.

Saw my good friends from Western Wheelers, who are really strong, and who passed me on the climb after the 2nd rest stop.

Sunday, it was still pretty hot. Marco, Ruth, Michael, and Chris still went out and did an 80 mile ride. I felt I should at least meet up with them and say hi. I decided to provide SAG support, at least till the first climb. I also took an opportunity to take a few action shots. I am sure glad I didn’t go on this ride, as Michael and Chris were attacking King’s Mountain like they were in the Giro d’Italia.

Leg still felt quite a bit tight on Monday, and my hope is give a couple of days off, and my legs should be able to recover. I did my best to stretch the legs out but no matter what I did, it still remained tight.

Tuesday was much better. In fact, I was able to ride my fixie into work, with no pain to speak of. It was also considerably cooler. High temp topped out at about 75 degrees … much better than the 102 degree heat at the bottom of Resurrection!

I think I’m ready to tackle Montebello now … Struggles at Davis are a thing in the past and time to move on. I do want to thank my close circle of friends for picking my spirits up. I was a bit down on Sunday, and hearing everyone’s comment that even though I didn’t finish the double century, going as far as I did was quite an accomplishment, considering the conditions. Of course, when I talk to non-cyclists, they are continually amazed that I was actually out there. Hearing comments like this make me realize how fit and how fortunate I am. Thanks everyone.

Next goal … Eastern Sierra.

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