Bike to Work Day

May 14, 2009, is national Bike to Work Day, and this week is Bike to Work Week. So I did my deed and biked into work every day except Wednesday. Ok, I didn’t ride Wednesday because I was lazy, and didn’t feel like it. I admitted it, so there!

Every year, on this day, they always set up “Energizer” stations, which in the past, would include water, clif bars, brownies, and one year, Hobie’s Coffee Cake …mmmm. However, my work schedule is such that I have to be in the office at 6 am. This means getting on the road by 5:30 am. This time of year, it is not pitch black at 5:30 am, but who’s going to stand out there between 5-6 am, just waiting for some cyclist in lycra show up? So yes, it is great to have Bike to Work Day, but when I commute, it’s nothing special … just like any ordinary day, with hardly anyone on the road (which frankly is the appeal of riding this early in the morning). So I’m too early, which also means I don’t get any goodies.

But wait!!! My company always has an event every year, Bike to Work Lunch ride. It’s great, because it takes you on a flat … and I mean flat route, for about 6 miles. This is just enough to warrant feeding a bunch of cyclists free lunch (turkey sandwich and chips). That’s enough for me. This was perfect terrain to ride my fixie, so that’s exactly what I did. I was surprised to see I was the only one with a fixie out there. I did see a couple of riders with aero bars, and a handful with normal kit and road bike attire, and the rest were a variety of mountain bike and touring bikes.

The ride is actually a joint sponsorship between Juniper, Yahoo, and Network Appliances, and is part of the Moffett Park Business and Transportation Authority. We even had to pre-register for this ride. Imagine that … pre-register for a lunch time, 6 mile ride.

This ride gave us an opportunity to try out the new Borregas/237 bike freeway overpass. This constituted the bulk of the climbing on this ride.

This was not as big a turnout as in past years, but still a good turnout, and beautiful day for a bike ride. Of course, lunch was great. Once again, I didn’t score on the raffle. I’ve been at this for about 7 years, and I have never won anything on these raffles. Hey, do you think it’s rigged? Probably not.

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