Final Weekend Before Davis

In preparation for Davis Double next weekend, we decided to do a little workout, but not too much to throw our conditioning out of whack. The original plan was a ride out to Pt. Reyes, then back the flat way … at least that was the plan.

The meeting place was at Sports Basement, and I decided to carpool with Henry (BlastRadius). I wanted to do this so I can test ride his IRO fixie, which I’ll end up buying, but more on that in a future blog. When we got to Sports Basement, there was this friggin’ Girls Scout walk, hike, or some event like that. Anyways, they blocked off the entire parking lot in front of Sports Basement. WTF … they’ve had events by Crissy Field all the time, but they never blocked
parking for Sports Basement. If I wanted to shop at Sports Basement, this would definitely discourage me from shopping there today. It sure it’s a nice way to piss off some customers.
We did find parking, but it really made getting there, and getting out really difficult. Anyhow, we had a much larger turnout than expected. I counted about 16 riders (typically we get 8-10, if we’re lucky).
We were all decked out in our BF Checkered design kits … looking really hot, if I might add.
We had a number of mechanicals, flats, and one spill … but wasn’t too bad. These delays forced us to make more stops than we really wanted to, and it made our schedule really long. With the original plan going to Pt. Reyes, and we didn’t even get to Fairfax until 11:30 am, we feared that by the time we got lunch in Pt. Reyes, and left, it would have been something like 2 or 3 pm. That would mean finishing the ride some time around 6 pm, and with the Kaboom crowd filing in, it would make for a nightmare commute going home. So everyone decided to do Mt. Tam, via Alpine Dam instead.
This meant one thing … climbing, and me in the back. However, I did have company. Trinity000, aka Jeremy, hung in with me. The day didn’t turn out too hot, but was sunny. It was cool enough so that I could keep my arm warmers and knee warmers on, while still climbing.
I think it’s a BF tradition, that when we do Alpine Dam, we gotta do a group picture. Here’s another example:
Here’s a shot of the reservoir … so pristine!
From here, we climbed out of the dam, which is a long grind, which is about 1000 foot climb in 3 miles. Then, once you go through that pain, then you get to climb the 7 sisters, or 7 sets of rolling hills. This is what everyone warns you about, but I actually don’t think it’s that bad. I think the hard part is getting to it. Once you get there, you do have to do a little more climbing, but IMHO, the hard part is done.

When we got to the junction, the gladiators wanted to climb up to the summit of Mt. Tam, and also climb Marin Headlands. Some of us decided to bypass that, especially those doing Davis Double next weekend. So did a straight shot back. A quick stop for a bite to eat at an Italian cafe, then over the bridge and back home.
Henry had to get back early, and he told me that ahead of time, so he took off. I took Bart back, and rode from San Bruno Bart back to my car at his house. In the end, I got 55 miles, and 4200 feet climbing. Not a bad workout before the double … tomorrow, I’ll do another spin up to Crystal Springs .. that should be about 70 miles, and 4000 feet climbing. With that, I think I should be ready for Davis.
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