Stressful Out of Town Rides

This weekend is another wonderful weekend. It is the Wine Country weekend, and I’m doing the double metric century. What a way to get May started, with a century. This is an out of town ride, which means I’m bringing my bike with me to work, and leaving for work to rush to dinner, motel, sleep, then do the ride. I’ll be dropping by San Francisco, picking up Pete, then off to Santa Rosa.
Good golly … commuting up with Pete! Talk about a wild ride! But at least it gives me company while on the commute, especially on a Friday afternoon. I guess if I really wanted to, I could do what some others are doing .. drive up the morning of the ride. But that’s a bit long … according to Google, it’s 1 hour from SF, and it’s close to 1 hour from Sunnyvale to SF. That’s too much driving for me early in the morning. Besides, it’s good to pump some money into the local economy of Santa Rosa. It’s a cool town.
Anyhow, Thursday evening, and that means getting all my biking stuff prepared, supplies, drinks, food, pills, drugs, etc … and looking at the weather reports, it looks miserable. It looks like the majority of the rain will be on Friday, with a little left over on Saturday, but still … gotta think of rain gear. But WTF …. it’s May! Yeah yeah, I know … we need the rain. But wait till after the ride! Even if it is a little damp, I still need to get the miles in. I need this as my long prep ride before Davis Double in two weeks. I don’t want to be cramming in 100+ miles 1 week before a double century.
So I had to go and get some fenders for my bike. They never do fit well. In fact, because my fork is so straight, it makes putting the front fender impossible, unless I hacksaw it into shape. I’m not about to do that. I was able to get the rear fender on, but it still looks clunky.
Oh the last minute dash and scramble … and it’s only Thursday. This always happens just before going on an out of town ride. No matter how well I prepare ahead of time, there is always little time.
Here’s what I had to do after getting out of work:
1. Stop by Sports Basement for more supplies. Had to get replacement glasses, as my old Cat-1 broke.
2. Laundry, as I didn’t get a chance to earlier in the week.
3. Go back to Sports Basement, and get some fenders
4. Struggle with putting fenders on
5. Decide what kit to wear, and pack for the weekend
6. Prepare energy drinks, food, etc …
7. Print out all ride specific information required for registration
8. Print out motel info, etc …
9. Wash the dishes … don’t want to leave the house with dirty dishes all weekend
Doing a ride shouldn’t be this stressful … but then again, what else would I be doing on a Thursday night … I know, riding! Doh!
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