Summer-Like Weekend in the Bay Area

Hmmm … it’s middle of April, and worried about hydration, air quality, air conditioning … must be a good old fashioned California heat wave. In the meantime, Virginia has a big rain storm, Chicago Cubs get a game rained out … ah, living the California lifestyle.

So I haven’t been updating my blog posting regularly, so sorry about that. This was the first hot weekend here, but it didn’t start out like that. With the plan of doing Primavera on Sunday, I had to think of how to prepare for that. On Saturday, I didn’t want to train too hard, but still wanted to get some miles into the legs to be ready for Sunday. So I met up with Pete at Sports Basement in Crissy Field. Since Pete was doing Primavera on Sunday too, I figured whatever he was doing to prepare for the ride would be good enough for me.
The route was to go across and do the Tiburon Loop. I haven’t done that in ages, and frankly, don’t remember how to get there. The day started out great … blue skies, no fog. Pete was riding fixie, so even if I was to fall behind on the hills, I would make up for it on the descent, as Pete would be spinning away down the hill like a friggin’ gerbel.
Tiburon is nice … a nice little 38 mile loop, with enough rollies to get your legs moving, and a quaint little touristy town.
We stopped off to have lunch here at a cool Mexican restaurant, with scrumptious burritos … mmmm …. and it also helped that there were some ladies at the table next to us (cyclists of course).
Remember how I said it was a nice day, clear … well, on our way back to Sausalito, what do we see???? Fog …. Coming back, we are heading right into fog! But then again, this is SF, so what else do you expect?
Ah Sunday, Primavera … this is what the weekend was culminating to …

I happen to be the last to arrive there … taxi777 was already signed in, so he was really ready to go. I saw Beaker in the parking lot. So it was just the three of us.

Oh, sidetracking a bit … Beaker’s name is Richard. Why does he call himself Beaker??? Well, take one look … he does look a little like Beaker:

The morning started out great. No fog at all, and the air was very clear. There was still a little chill in the air at the start … this just meant having to wear a light windbreaker … damn, I was hoping to leave it in the car. This means I will have to carry it along with me when it gets warm … and it did get warm … or shall we say hot?

The first 20 miles or so gave us a nice set of flat miles, so it gave us some time to spin and get our legs warm. The other side of that is that perhaps it prompted us to go faster than we should? Not sure, but all I know was I got really tired at the end … more on that later.

Ah, the wall at Calaveras … that’s where I got to the back … no worry … it just gives Pete more opportunity to take pics of me struggling up the hill. However, about half way through on Calaveras, Pete got a flat … tables turn?

We also picked up another rider, Todd … cool guy, and strong rider, from Santa Rosa. We kinda adopted him as an honorary BF’er.

On the way to Livermore, another couple kinda melded into our pack. One guy had done Furnace Creek 508, and his female partner (don’t know if significant other or what), is training to do it this year. That is just insane. Anyhow, Pete goes and comments to her what a lovely day it is (what a giggolo). No response from her … then, Beaker proceeds on some small talk, and she responds back with small talk … Pete’s got a way with women … not sure what way that is.

Soon, our pace just got a little too boring for them, and they forged on ahead. Oh well … so much for adding females to the mix.

Just before getting to the water stop (before climbing Flynn Rd), we were starting to notice no one else from the century out on the road. Kinda eerie … but then when we got to the water stop, more people came …

Onto climbing Flynn, and once again, I lag waaay behind. Just before the right turn to the top, I knew the end was near. Somehow, I mustered up enough energy to grind it up to the top, and just started passing people. I guess it’s because I was so looking forward to the bombing descent down Flynn Rd. That was my favorite part of the ride.

Met up with the rest at lunch … saw kankou there … also saw rumbutter, britpower, blastradius (who was driving sag), and kster. Great to see such BF representing here …

On the way back from Livermore to Pleasanton, I got separated from the group, in part because of the red light, but also because of a stinkin’ wrong number calling my cell phone. I hate it when that happens. However, I did hook up with a cool triathlon group, and we got into a pretty nice paceline. That kinda helped out in the monotony of the junk miles back to Pleasanton, and the eventual Palomares climb.

By the time we got to the last rest stop, it had to be in the 90’s. Tried to take in as much cool water as I could, and I even broke down and put gatorade in my bottle … forgot to bring extra Heed. The cool strawberries was a nice touch at the last rest stop too.

All in all, a great ride, great support, and still one of my local favorites around here. Good job Fremont Freewheelers … keep up the good work.

For more pics, click here

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