Twitter 101

Anyone else notices that “Social Networking” is THE buzz word these days … it used to be that IM was the way to go (i.e. Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, Communicator, etc …). But lately, I’ve noticed there is an even greater abundance of tools, like this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Forums! No wonder I’m getting fat lately, and probably no social life … if you discount the virtual social life here on the Internet.

I started looking at Twitter, and yes, you can send your tweets through the website …. but that’s just the start.

Let me list the ways you can tweet:

Web …
Tweetdeck – application that lets you group by replies, searches, direct messages. This even gives you notification when a new tweet arrives
Tweettree – will sort tweets by conversations, which is pretty cool.
Twitterberry – twitter client on blackberry
Twitterfeed – takes blog entries and feeds them into twitter
Twitterfon – twitter client on iphone and ipod touch
Twitterfox – firefox extension with twitter notifications
Tweetie – another client on iphone … this one claims to be “full fledged” client
Twitterrific – client specifically designed for the Mac
Outtwit – twitter on Outlook client
Mobile web – using phone web browser client

I never realized there was so many ways to access twitter. And then, there is tweetlist and tweetmeme, which lists the top daily tweet links … tweetlater, allows you to schedule when you want to tweet, instead of right away … twitterfall gives you tweets of the most popular topics … dang!!!! I think I need a class on using Twitter.

I use TweetDeck primarily … I like the notification, and that you can group your contacts, and the tweets can be organized by groups … but one big drawback with TweetDeck is the lack of conversations. Everyone keeps telling me that you can use the search function in TweetDeck, but I don’t want to see every single friggin’ thread for a particular user … I just want to see the conversation thread. Now, Tweettree is a nice way of doing this, but I want the flexibility that TweetDeck gives me. Tweettree and TweetDeck should merge its features together.

Confused yet?

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