SJC is great … even with all the delays

SJC is one of the few airports that provide free wi-fi access for those nerds who bring laptops with them on their flight. Most airports (like Burbank, LAX) offer wi-fi, but charge $7/hour. No friggin’ way!!!!

For those airports that do offer free wi-fi, it’s cool … but most of them don’t have enough power outlets for you to plug in to, and most of the time, you have to sit in a chair, put your laptop on your lap, and just work with what little space you have … but in SJC, you have laptop workspaces … they actually built benches for you to sit at, and work on your laptop on a table! Gee, what a concept. And each workspace has two power outlets, and even a pair of USB power outlets! But then again, SJC is in geek central, Silicon Valley … I’m convinced now … this is the center of the Universe!

Just found out my flight is delayed … oooh, surprise! I’m sitting here about 20 feet from the customer service guy at Southwest, and the poor guy has to explain to everyone else that the flight is delayed. What’s worse is when one of his other colleague may be giving wrong info, and he gets the stink-eye from other customers. Being in Customer Service, I really know what he’s going through, and I can’t put blame on him. I know what it’s like being the guy everyone wants to complain to. I just had to tell him I know how it feels … it kinda brought a smile to his face.

It doesn’t help to get upset anyhow … just accept it. He did mention in the PA system that another Burbank flight is leaving out of gate 2 (I’m waiting at gate 9), which leaves in 20 minutes, and we could be on stand-by. I had no inkling to go over there, and all of a sudden, I see a swarm of people racing across to gate 2.

Even if I wanted to go to Gate 2, everyone else had a head start, so I decided to stay put. Besides, I’m in no hurry. I know I’ll get to Burbank some time tonight!

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