Another Day at the Races

Ok, I still have not chilled out from the Tour … and Sunday, there was the Tri-Flow Grand Prix held in Menlo Park. Since I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures, I was going to take a few today.

Today, Monday, is my birthday … woohoo. But on Sunday, I kinda neglected to tell anyone it was my birthday … and Michael (mellum76) found out, and wanted to do a combined Tri-Flow Grand Prix viewing and birthday celebration in my honor … wow, I was flattered.

There were a few NorCal BF’ers in the race … Tim (Bottlerocket), Henry (blastradius), and Pete (taxi777) …. however, Pete had a little logistics issue which he will tell you in his blog … I won’t go into that. Only non-racing BF’ers to show up there was me, and Michael.
It’s always cool to see absorb the racing environment … there is this electricity in the air when you are in the presense of extremely fit athletes (of course, I’m not talking about myself, but of everyone else).
This event featured some of Northern California’s top cycling racing talents … I didn’t know that before I went, but now I do. I met cyclicious, who has a famous blog (, who blogs anything and everything cycling. He’s also a very avid twitterer … Henry and I felt like we were in a presense of greatness.
I got there early enough to see Tim race in the Cat 5 Men’s race … that was my first time seeing a cat 5 race in person, and it didn’t look as intimidating as I thought … but then again, I wasn’t the one in the race.
I stuck around long enough to catch the women’s 1/2/3 race. This featured the best of Northern California racing. I was just taking in the moment … I was wondering why there were so many photographers taking pictures of the pack for the start …

It was a fun day, but yet another day where I did not get into any real riding done. And next week, I’m visiting dad, and the following week, I’m on call … hmmm … I really gotta get off my butt and get some hard riding in. Maybe with daylight savings time, I might get some quality miles in after work … but then again, I didn’t do anything today. I suck!
Click here for more pics
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