Gladiator Mellow Ride

This was the first time I’ve been able to do a weekend ride in over 2 weeks (actually might be 3, but who’s counting … oh yeah, me). So the thought of doing Henry Coe just did not appeal to me. I just know that if I did, it would just beat up my body … I think everyone needs to mellow out every once in a while, and I decided this was the day for me.
Pete had to bail on us, as he got sick suddenly. Michael (mellum76) and Alex (x136) did show up … dang, Alex commuting all the way from Sacramento to do my mellow ride … cool. But I think it’s the “mellow”-ness that got him over here. This was the first time he’d been on a real ride since October, and the first riding this …
I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast, so when I got there, luckily Michael and Alex were more than happy to be in the mellow mood … so we proceeded to Starbucks, a whopping 1 mile from the start. Wow, that was a really tiring ride 🙂
Ok, after a few lattes and pastries, off we go. There would be no large hills on this ride, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any climbing. All you gotta do is ask Alex. Of course, not being on a bike since October is bound to catch up with you really fast.
By not concentrating on killing myself, it did give me a great opportunity to just take in the scenery (something many of us rabid cyclists just don’t do).
We were all amazed that this little community was hidden, and nestled so far deep in the Los Altos Hills, and it was just gorgeous. The homes look so new, it looks like a toy model from a distance.
Going through Los Altos Hills, you start noticing some very interesting front yards … little treehouse?
Winter also presents us with some interesting tree formations. I was just amazed at the beauty and gothic look that some of these trees have, as a result of winter:
Later on in the ride, we decided to stop by the water stop at Alpine and Portola, and ran into some fellow BF’ers. They immediately recognized me “hey, spingineer!” … I could bear to tell them I couldn’t remember their name. Anyhow, they complemented me on my blogs of the Tour of Ca, and I was simply flattered. They thanked me for keep a daily blog of my traveling course marshall experiences, and that really surprised me. I’m glad that at least I provided some entertainment and joy to some others.
For more pics, click here
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