Tour of Ca – Prologue

Wow, prologue is in the books. Now I’ve got me feet wet into Course Marshalling, but tomorrow is the first real test. Forecast for 40 mph winds, we’ll be driving to Davis for the start.

Today, we began by first decorating our team van. It’s an internal competition between the course marshall teams (there are 8 of them), to see who comes up with the best design. We splattered it with a variety of pink and green, and it was pretty cool …

I was stationed on the first straightaway, about 1/4 mile from the start, right before the first u-turn of the route. The big challenge was making sure the crowd line formed a consistent line from the sidewalk to the intersection, then onto the sidewalk again. We wanted to make sure the crowds didn’t bleed too much into the course. A few times, the crowd would behave, but eventually the crowd started to bleed more into the course, before I had to ask them to move back.

After awhile, it became a futile effort, and I just let them enjoy themselves.

The weather was okay. Sun peeped in and out a few times, but generally it was overcast and cold. The crowd really started to woop it up when the last 10 riders came by. And of course, when Lance came around, there was a loud roar. I did my part in updating everyone, and letting them know Lance is coming … I yelled out LANCE … with my whistle blowing, cow bells ringing, crowd went crazy. Crowd in the island moved from side to side … it was quite a site … seeing a whole line of crowd move in unison from one side to the other as Lance raced around the u-turn.

Christian Vandevelde came around, and although not is boisterous, there was still a huge ovation for him. It is refreshing to see a knowledgeable cycling crowd, and not just the Lance factor. The same enthusiasm continued for Fabian, Levi, and Floyd.

In the end, it was in order, Fabian, Levi, and Dave Z, . This comes as no surprise at all. First thing we did was walked back to the hotel. All I wanted was a hot shower, and hot coffee. The line at Starbucks was too crazy, so just decided to get the complimentary coffee from the hotel.

On my walk this morning, we passed by the Team Columbia truck, and it had a very bold statement … world’s best cycling team.

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