Mad rush to pack …

Every time, I go on a trip, no matter how small or large, I end up doing the following:

1. Lose sleep
2. Buy lotsa stuff 1-2 days before the trip
3. Get this nervous, freaked out feeling that I’ll be left stranded out somewhere

Psychotic? Probably. Concern? Probably not.

I realized I didn’t have a hat, luggage tags, enough clothes … oh, and medicine … gotta remember to pack that … dang, I’m a mess. But in a few hours, I won’t have to worry about it. Stress level right before going on a trip is so high … oh, never mind the fact that I was still working as of 7 pm last night.

Anyways, got up early this morning (see #1), and heard it really pouring outside. Now, I don’t hear a peep … just birds squawking … at least my walk to the bus stop will be fairly dry. I thought I’d have to practice being out in the rain.

I don’t know if I’ll have time to post blogs while on the tour, but you can count on various tweets from the road, . My tweets are supposed to duplicate onto my Facebook status, but I tweeted last night, and it didn’t show … Well, I guess I’ll post on twitter, with hopes it will make it to Facebook. Otherwise, you’ll just have to see me on twitter, which is not such a bad thing after all.

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